Thursday, July 31, 2014

coffee talk


discuss amongst ya-selves….. 
the bachelorette finally ended.  and I don't think many people, myself included, care.
 bring on Bachelor in Paradise next Monday because it's going to be about 50x more entertaining. 

the final day/engagement day on the show is always so ridiculously drawn out.
it's the same every season. 
let's show andi walking the grounds in a teddy neglige! 
smiling at the surroundings while we hear her voiceover about how her journey is finally coming to an end! 
shirtless men opening the blinds in the morning! 
josh, staring and smiling at himself in the mirror smiling! 
19 hours of footage we've already seen and 10 thousand words we don't need to hear about why each of them of the final two are the greatest option in the entire world! 
cut to Chris Harrison LIVE before and after every commercial!
 …… let's keep dragging it out even more by asking pointless questions to the people that got kicked off the last four seasons! 

ok sorry….. now I'm the one dragging it out. 

Josh totally practiced his I love you/marry me speech to himself in the mirror at least 97 times before saying it to Andi.  In the history of the show (and I've seen EVERY episode. you know pathetic I am, so I know you believe me) I have never heard anything like it. He has no tone in his voice or inflection and doesn't pause during normal moments whatsoever. 
and quit saying I love you a million times back and forth.  ew. 
no you hang up first… 
no you….. 
nooooo…. you! 
ha, you hang up! 

soooooo, nick. 

he continually scares the daylights out of me.  in addition to his eyes, he keeps his hands in his pockets CONSTANTLY which truly disturbs me (no one does that unless they are a peeping tom playing with themselves or have a gun hidden in there), and then he and his mom both become disturbingly upset about the break up as if THEY HAD NO IDEA THAT DUMPING PEOPLE UNTIL YOU HAVE ONE WAS THE POINT OF THE SHOW. 

chris tells us that serial killer eyes nick has attempted several times to get in contact with andi.  he even showed up the week prior wanting to see her, and in mexico or something, but settled for a letter when she said no.
uh, duh.  she said no because she was scared sh*tless. 

I was scared sh*tless too….. 
I was waiting for an unknown white powdery substance to come pouring out of the damn envelope. 

also never seen anything like what happened on After The Final Rose
(editors note: I just woke my husband up because of how hard I'm laughing at this gif)
it was the most disgusting and amazing thing ever.
and Nick…. you attempted multiple times to see and talk to Andi, 
so when you finally get the chance, this is how it goes:
 Chris : Ok… so heres your chance to say what you want to say.
Nick : Well….. you know….. 
you know…..
I just…..
you know…… 

 I'm super excited for Bachelor In Paradise. It's going to be like Temptation Island…. but better. 
how good was temptation island? please say I'm not the only one that remembers it! 

oh wait, one more thing.
josh's giant facial expressions with his giant toothy grin and bulging eyeballs was really A LOT on Monday to handle. 
the two of you annoy me already.  

some of you were asking in past posts if I was Team Shannon or Team Heather.
I'm team every one on this show has lots-o-issues.  
I think Heather's gone pure bitch and crazy this season and I don't like her at all anymore. 
As for what I think about Shannon, 
Rachel Dratch on WWHL summed it up best when my boyfriend Andy Cohen asked her opinion: 

"I don't think she is super crazy … . but everyone is making her think she's crazy …  but she's really not …… well, except for all of those homeopathic things." 

I don't think Shannon has a mean bone in her body. 
 I don't think she did anything except not bring anything up at dinner, remain calm as hell at the dinner when a MAN was yelling at her, and respond at all until she had been poked and prodded past the point of sanity.  

Other than the part with yelling very dramatically "you will all see the truth!!!!" , which was very awkward and her one outburst, I think she was totally in the right. 

The one acting like a crazy person was the pathological liar Tamara. 
Tamara's tone and gritted teeth facial expression while starting sh*t was insane.
If someone was grabbing my arms and squeezing them, getting in my face and yelling "stop it!!!!! stop!!!!" through gritted doberman pincher teeth and blocking me from being able to walk out of a room, I'd try to push past them too. 

Soooooo.  I think the only thing crazy about Shannon is she's just a little a lot "California nutty", I think Tamara is certifiably insane and has such deep psychological issues its nuts, and I think Heather and Terry are assholes.
What are your thoughts? 

oh…. and her comment to her husband during the mini-commercial-clip about lining up 10 california women and 10 michigan women and comparing who looks younger had me laughing out loud.  

Also, Heathers eyes are really getting to me this season.

Okay….. I think I am the one going crazy. 
So far I have been talking about Nick's serial killer eyes,  Josh's way too happy eyes, and now Heather's  "if your dead you ought to lie down" plastic surgery eyes. 
What is wrong with me????

Wait…… Don't answer that……. 

but…. I do know they sure as hell don't look like this anymore. 

the leg toss was even more amazing than I had been hoping.
she is certifiably bat shit crazy 

(in real life I use the phrase "certifiably insane" and "bat shit crazy" far too often…... mostly describing people on TV I don't know or describing myself, not friends I promise, but the combo of these terms is perfect for the situation) 
why does she insist on screaming like that when she talks??  
no one talks that loudly and in that horrible of a voice in real life, do they? 

the reunion part I was great already.
the only person I can't stand more than Aviva on that show is Aviva's dad, whom I had forgotten all about until they re-played the clips from him this season.
now I will have nightmares about him tonight. 
ugh.  hes so disgusting. 

I can't wait to watch Ramona flip out in Part II about my boyfriend Andy Cohen asking about Mario cheating on her.
she's going to be smiling at Andy all fake and awkward, and inside she will be screaming : 

oh…. and one more eye comment since it's all my mind is thinking about tonight for some reason? 

mazel of the week to ramona's crazy eyes for brining us all so much joy and laughter these last few years
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

wedding wednesday

wedding pics continue! 

we didn't see one another until the seven o'clock ceremony.
it was important to both of us to go the traditional route and have our first look when I walked down the aisle.
with that decision, it leaves very little time for photos, but I didn't care and wouldn't change that decision for the world.  

therefor, most of the days photos are before the wedding, and we only did about 20 minutes or so after the ceremony of pictures so everyone to get to the reception and get the celebration started. 
so here are some more pre-wedding pics! 

my pre-wedding necessities: oversize flask used as a clutch, and bubbles to fill it with

the boys got ready at a hotel in buckhead
kipper looked so handsome

I love my handsome husband, but the boys pics aren't nearly as exciting for blog posts, so sorry for going back to the gals….. 

the church had the prettiest rooms downstairs for before the ceremony

I loved the girls bridesmaids dresses (and hopefully they did too.  of course they said they did, but what else are they going to say?) they were joanna august and bella bridesmaids does a discount for larger bridal parties!
you could wear the sleeve pushed up, or down the shoulder as a cap sleeve for the ceremony.
I also loved that it was a wrap dress, and sizing was S/M/L so it was comfy and alterations only need to be done to the length.
a wrap dress is always nice when you stuff your face with yummy food and can loosen the waist band a little bit….. am I right? PREACH! 
the prettiest group of girls ever - they all looked so beautiful! 

ceremony pics + reception up next!

In Other Wedding News : 
we'll rehash the bachelorette finale tomorrow,
but that ring.

my lord. huge.  so gorgeous. 

and the New York Times is saying "Weedings" are the new Wedding Trend.

"The latest wedding trend can only take place (legally) in two states – Colorado and Washington, where the recreational use of marijuana is allowed. 

Brides and grooms are starting to incorporate cannabis into a variety of wedding details, from leaves and buds in the bouquet and boutonnieres, to pot brownies as a part of the wedding fare, the The New York Times reports. 

Weed weddings, or "weedings," as Allison P. Davis of New York Magazine calls them, can incorporate marijuana into the aesthetic details (a mini pot plant as a table setting or favor) and the menu (edibles or infused drinks). 

Some brides even offer their guests pre-rolled joints – their point of view is that cannabis is not that different from, or may be less toxic than alcohol, The Time sreports."

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE????? WHAT????? Good Lord. 
because this is a total dream wedding :: 

ok wait….. a stoned Kitty Foreman would be a welcome guest actually….

yeah…. kitty can stay.  

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

lust list

lusts for the week…… 
lots of great steals included! 
 the perfect way to dress up stripes! love this paired with a leather skirt 
under $100 

the tiniest sliver of skin, you can barely see it - perfect for summer wedding 

under $100 

has my name written all over it.  matches my everyday jewelry to a T! 
splurge! I'm still hunting for the crop top of my dreams that I won't feel like a belly dancer in :) 

two for one! AND under $100! that means it's basically free…..  

perfect. back. 

under $100!! 

under $100 !! also in black 

{striped tee} 

on a side note, I reached 900 followers on instagram
which, now that I have posted this, means at least a dozen will unfollow I'm sure :) 
follow along for thrilling pictures of food with bad lighting, pictures of my drink of choice at happy hour, and other random bits of nothing. 

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