Wednesday, August 27, 2014

wishlist wednesday :: under $100

wedding wednesday to return next week with the final posts about our honeymoon in St. Lucia 
and how much I would pay to have my ass back on that beach right now.
kip's 30th is coming up in a few weeks
you can guarantee this will be hanging on the wall.
and then likely stay there for awhile. 

simple silk tanks are my new favorite for every time I stare in my closet and have nothing to wear.  
which is basically every thursday, friday, and saturday. 
I live in this j.crew factory striped tank for $29; I probably wore it 10 times this summer alone. 
I plan on buying these similar j.crew factory tanks as well for perfect basics. 

three cheers for heels I can walk in!!! 

this is just perfect.
I know I'm not the only one who asks their significant other 
or who's mother asks them 97 times if they have their ID/passport. 
and then responds YES annoyingly but still checks their purse 97 times as well. 

if it's a blue and white striped dress, I want it.

and believe it or not I do NOT have a fitted, 3/4 sleeve one yet.
I know…. the horror. 

I'm plugging my ears with my fingers and saying "la la la la la" to the idea of fall clothing,
but BB dakota always makes the best thin leather jackets that can be worn almost all year.
I have an old grey one from 2 years ago and it goes with everything at an incredible price. 

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

tuesday thoughts

a random smorgasbord for today 
(I didn't have to google how to spell that at all.)

Big Little Lies was as great as the two other books of Liane Moriarty's that I have read.
(the husbands secret and what alice forgot;
her other three are now on my must read list)
Quick read, plot twists you don't expect, humor, perfect beach read (and also bedtime read for me).

if you were a lover of emily griffin books, and now are feeling ehhhh about her last few like I am, Liane Moriarty is an amazing breath of fresh air and you'll love her writing. 

Also in book news, they have started running the trailer for the movie version of This Is Where I Leave You

Watch the trailer.  It is so good. 
 It looks just as great as the book -- it really is a must read. 

Sunday night I somehow got sucked into a loophole of a million articles on GOOP.
The Hangover post was quite fitting, as I was nursing a killer hangover from Saturday nights wedding 
where we went to bed at almost 5 am. 

I now want to buy milk thistle, this Mercy beverage thing, and all the B12 I can get my hands on. 
The hair of the dog works for me too, as always.
Gwynnie is so funny doing posts like she is a huge lush or something. Yeah…... right.

I've been back on my Pinterest binge every night before bed routine for the last week or so.
It's amazing how you I can trick yourself myself into thinking you I accomplished so much, have so many great ideas, and truly have plans for projects for the weekend…….

when in reality I'm eating peanut butter and jelly in bed way past bedtime, dripping half of it on the white sheets, 
and could not be further from Martha Stewart. 
waaaait actually do things?? 

I mean, Martha, I just pinned 27 incredible recipes, decor ideas, and fall fashion.

My favorite Tracy Anderson workout that I did before the wedding isn't on YouTube anymore.
guessing it wasn't supposed to be up there, like half the other amazing ones on there :) 
luckily, plenty of others are.

This YouTube account has a ton of the Metamorphosis workouts, broken down into her 10 day increments.  I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and these are what I'm trying out for now. 

Tracy says you should do dance cardio combined with toning,
so after I do the Tracy toning stuff, 
I follow the Jack McFarland Method to trick my body and change things up. 

after the toning and dance cardio,
I stand in front of the fridge for 10 minutes and think about food/snack for the next 3 hours until bed. 
it's highly effective.  

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

coffee talk

discuss amongst ya-selves…… 

bachelor in paradise:
if during the bachelor/bachelorette producers pump the male and female suitors with alcohol every day and night, they are pumping them full of alcohol AND drugs in mexico.
the girls are insane.
photos via

Drinking game of the night : every time Elise says something that doesn't make sense, chug. 
"through the storm clouds comes a rainbow….. dylan was my storm…..chris is my rainbow."
no…. no elise…. you are just sleeping with "falling in love" with two different people in 48 hours, but sure, all it a rainbow. whatever. 
how you really know elise is on drugs : she says "chris is such a gentleman".
seriously, what hallucinogens are they taking down there?? 

I wish graham would just call AshLee a lot of things I won't write a stage 5 clinger already.

graham :: we don't know each other.  we literally just met.
ashlee :: but I follow you on instagram.  so I know the kind of person you are.

(insert horror movie sound effect: ree ree ree ree ree)
she gives killer crazy-eye-stare constantly. 

ashlee :: I can't wait for you to meet my dad. 
grahams inner voice unless he is a moron :: RUN LIKE THE WIND. 
graham does realize he would be about the 6th bachelor person she has dated right?? 
I'm feeling a little bad for how pathetic michelle money is looking during all of this…. 
and old…..
just sayin…..

everyone needs to take a minute and listen to one arm sarah, because she is the only sane one there
with the exception of constantly talking about only having one arm and utter lack of any confidence. 
HOW does she not realize she is too good for this? what is wrong with her parents? 

Jersey Belle 
is just incredible.
next week I may do an entire post just on the amazing one liners from the past three episodes. 
note to bravo :: this is one of your best shows ever, and there is no arguing or trash talking at all, and the cast is filled with genuinely good people.  pick a lead who actually has a sense of humor and is intelligent, and you have pure gold on your hands. 

I seriously can't believe how much I like every single person.  
Jaime is the funniest person they have had on Bravo in a long time.
I can't even put into words my love for Danielle. 
I want to comment on Arden … ..
(and her Small Mouth.  she totally beats Small Mouth from Ben's season of The Bachelor), 

but I won't because even she seems to have enough of a sense of humor to laugh at herself.
"When I met Jaime, I thought she was such a 'B,'—you know what that means—because she told me I looked like Ellen DeGeneres and I was really offended."

Only con :: the first two episodes were much better than the third.  Let's get back to more laughing, less baby talk.  
ps…. the monogrammed china she laughs at while they are in the gift shop,
you guessed it : my wedding china :) 

Soooo this is a short Coffee Talk and not as gif filled.
my apologies. 
It's been a hectic few weeks.
(with some exciting news to share in a few weeks!)
blah blah blah. 
But……if you want to know the real reason……..

it's because I'm getting my very first spray tan tonight and I am terrified.

So I spent all of last night exfoliating 97 layers of skin off my body in preparation and googling tanning nightmares. 

updates on how horribly it is bound to go to come…… 

 just youtube'd this episode to watch again….. 

as always, ignore my own blatant grammatical errors whilst I make fun of others poor grammar during coffee talk on a weekly basis.  
#hypocrite  #sorryimnotsorry

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

wedding wednesday

we are almost done with the wedding wednesdays!
some of y'all are probably thrilled, 
others hopefully enjoyed wedding madness as much as I did. 

I'll likely continue to wedding stalk on style me pretty and pinterest as much as I did before I was even engaged…. it never gets old

I have some reception highlights to share today!

I wanted passed Coca-Cola bottles as a nod to my Dad (his career was with Coke),
so everyone raised a bottle of Coke in his honor for the wedding toast.

ugly crying below….. 

our cake was so pretty! 
and at the cake tasting Kip randomly said "you'd bet you'd like the clovers on either side of the R."  
my mom and I gasped….. so proud…. I've rubbed off on him so much. 

I surprised Kip with his Grooms Cake 

I hate, hate, hate being on stage/speaking in public/ anything related to the sort. 
So when I had to be on stage to dance (torture) I did my best Mary Katherine Gallagher to ease the anxiety. 
you know I can't do a post without adding in a gif of some kind…. sooooo

we had a photo booth set up with props for everyone to have fun with. 

kip's shirt was open the majority of the evening.
his studs "kept falling out" ….. which yes, they did, during the wedding photos we kept having to button them back up…. but really the groomsmen just seemed to de-robe the moment the party started 

my favorite picture of one of my best friends below.  
she is the life of the party from start to finish and this picture is perfection. 

our band was incredible…. and luckily encouraged (or more likely didn't discourage) our joining them and hoisting everyone in the air. 

jump roping is always quite the hit at the o'shaughnessy weddings 
my brother in law and his friends are always amazing with it 
during the jump roping, 
my moms friend dove in her dress across the dance floor on her stomach underneath the guys legs.
it was truly one of the greatest moments of the night  of my life. 

the monogrammed shrimp bar was one of my favorite things
(that I didn't even see until almost the end of the night when my mom pointed it out -- it was a surprise from her) 
I was blind to everything…. you spend months picking things out and then never see a thing! 

we had a sparkler departure that was so pretty! 

which led to a golf cart for us to drive off in.
however, the golf cart was facing back towards everyone…. the way we just walked…. so we then had to drive back through everyone and wave goodbye…….again.
luckily we somehow didn't run anyone over.  

we ended the night with individual Krispy Kreme boxes that said 
Sweet Dreams from Taylor and Kip 
I want to do it all over again!
Especially those Krispy Kremes…… 
nothing is better than a fresh krispy kreme.  or four. 

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