Friday, December 19, 2014

:: friday five ::

 :: random friday things ::
my christmas cards two years ago.  still my favorite. 
:: one :: 
minted made making our christmas cards a total breeze.  
the free printing of addresses and a return address on the envelope was the highlight!!
 (I only wish I had taken the time to upload everyones address so that I wasn't still hand addressing some!)

ps. guess what this moron just learned from her husband, after licking countless envelopes for thank you notes after the wedding over and over and over again? 
 you can dampen a cotton round and just swipe it across all of the envelope strips.
I meannnnn 

:: two :: 
 I have been saving my boyfriend Andy Cohen's second book for our trip next week to Grand Cayman.  Also on the list, Liane Moriarty's The Last Anniversary and Beautiful Ruins.
Any other suggestions!!?? I had so many that I couldn't decide between on my Amazon wishlist to order! 

:: three :: 
 there are cookies, desserts, pies, nuts, chocolates, you name it, EVERYWHERE at our office.
if the above picture doesn't prove it, any kind of cookie you could ever imagine is there.
literally, even stripper gingerbread men. 
(this picture also proves I am the quiet and innocent one at work. how ironic.) 
I wasn't sure if I should instagram the above pic, so of course I had to at least put it on here :)  

:: four :: 
 who needs a fit bit when you can get a PEDOMETER.
what what. jealous ? thought so.
while you walk around with your cool, high-tech, fancy, attractive gadget counting everything to the exact millimeter, I'll have this bad boy  clipped onto my waistband for the world to see discreetly tucked in my pocket.
I am so excited about this thing it is pathetic.  
I'll probably be less excited when I come to find out I am WAY less active that I thought I was. 

:: five :: 
yeah…. I'm just putting things in front of my cute mercury glass trees for pictures. deal with it.

as a wedding gift we received McDonalds gift cards with our wedding welcome bag ribbons tied around them.
be still. my beating. heart. 
I mean…… that is literally like someone climbed inside my head heart.
I flipped out like a child on christmas morning. it may have come with an actual gift, but the McDonalds card was definitely the more exciting and thoughtful present.
I will be treating my fam to our annual McD's breakfast at the airport before our flight next week.

merry christmas mom….. I buy you an egg mcmuffin no egg (literally.  that is her order.  seriously.) and let you eat my hash browns even though you said you didn't want hash browns…..
 and you take us to the caymans for a week and we call it even :) 
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

coffee talk

discuss amongst ya-selves…….. 
     ugh, so little to talk about this week.
I still feel like the best thing to happen this week was what happened last week when kim kardashian said her pregnancy weight was God trying to teach her a lesson. 
this may possibly be the most obnoxious thing to ever come out of a kardashian's mouth. 
I'm sure its not, but at the moment it seems like it. 

:: vanderpump rules ::
why is everything about how Jax is destroying tom and katies relationship?
I'm pretty sure tom cheated on katie.
yet that fact is completely overlooked and everything is about how JAX is talking about it.
katie, you are a moron
the girls on this show REALLY know how to pick a man.
their taste is just fabulous.  (to be read as faaaaabulous).
vanderpump drinking game :: drink every time katie makes her awful pouty frown face with her head tilted to the side and her hair in a deep side part. 
you'll be wasted. I guarantee it.  

kristin curling her hair and wearing a vegas dress and heels over to toms disgusting apartment (seriously how NASTY IS THAT APARTMENT!?? WOOF) was the highlight of the episode.  she then cries over him again and calls him babe.  THIS BITCH IS CRAZY. enough tom/katie/jax/blah-blah…. lets get back to crazy kristin.

kristin is all  "I mean,I don't know why you have my mail? I did my change of address form last week ?"
more importantly : ALL OF THIS IS OVER THIS DUDE?

UM stassi on WWHL last week….. she did something.  she did something bad.
I always thought she was so pretty and now I swear she has been visiting a plastic surgeon or something??!! she looks all plumped up in her face. 

can you believe all this stuff about The Interview and the terrorist threats and it getting pulled?
It just blowing my mind. 
it's really scary when you think about……
 but then I think about how the two of them are probably handling all the threats ….

sonja morgan has a 24 year old model boyfriend.
watch out adirenne maloof - theres some cougar competition. 
she just kills me; here is her describing him.
About the 24-year-old model, Sonja said, “He has an Old World charm. He’s worldly, well-traveled, elegant. He is very well-dressed. He has a dandy style, which I like — very European!”
lord I can't wait for NY housewives to return. 

how did I not know gia giudice was in a girl group called 3KT
I'll leave this at no comment.  

mazel of the week ::
it's britney bitch.

why is everyone hating on her magazine cover? 
even if they did retouch photos or whatever, who cares, they do it to EVERYONE.
if I were on a magazine cover I'd want them to airbrush me within an inch of my life.
B is looking good and she should tell everyone to suck it trebek. 

as always, ignore my own blatant grammatical errors whilst I make fun of others poor grammar during coffee talk on a weekly basis.  
#hypocrite  #sorryimnotsorry
I write these posts late at night while simultaneously watching Bravo, taking snapchats of my snoring husband, and making to do lists of everything I was supposed to do and didn't do that day and likely won't do the next day either.  or the day after that.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

wishlist wednesday

lusts for the week :: holiday + new years party edition
whether its a holiday party or a dress for new years eve,
this is the time of year for a little something extra, and a touch of sparkle and feathers are totally allowed.

{pencil dress with collar} under $100 !!! 

{sequin skirt dress} under $100 and gorgeous ! 

{black sleeve dress} under $100 !! 

for a more casual affair,
throw this adorable metallic cardigan on over jeans and a cute top

 splurge-worthy lust picks 
{haute hippie} take me to vegas in this stat! 

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

holiday baking :: spritz cookies

I'm sure that we made lots of holiday treats growing up for Christmas,
but the only cookies I ever remember making were Spritz cookies.
I loved making them with the little hand press and decorating them with all different kinds of sprinkles. 
and of course the fact that they are bite size so you can just pop a ton of them are just an added bonus :)   

Spritz Butter Cookies 

:: Ingredients ::
3 cups flour, spooned and leveled
1 cup confectioners sugar 
2 sticks unsalted butter, cold and cut into cubes 
1/2 teaspoon of salt
4 large egg yolks
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
optional :: egg wash (1 white with 2 teaspoons water) and sprinkles 

:: Directions :: 
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
1. Place flour, sugar, butter, and salt into a food processor.  Process until the texture is that of a coarse meal.
2. In a small bowl, lightly beat egg yolks and vanilla.  With motor running, add to the food processor. Process just until dough forms. 
3. Fill cookie press and form cookies on baking sheet according to instructions (one click and press!)
4. If decorating with sprinkles, brush with egg wash and add sprinkles before baking. 
5. Bake until edges are firm (10 to 15 minutes) not until the edges are brown. Cool on tray for 1 to 2 minutes and then transfer to a cooling rack. 

 wait for it…… wait for it…… my food photography. 

 you'll find that you've eaten twenty without even realizing it.
these little buttery christmas treats have that effect.

 after we ate our fair share of each batch,
(you know, maybe the tree tastes different than the candy cane….. and the wreath??)
I then promptly packaged them up for my husband to take to work. stat. 

what are your christmas baking traditions from growing up?!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

home updates + holiday decorating

hope you all had a great weekend! 
I had a pretty perfect one: relaxing with just enough activity.
I had a christmas party with my girlfriends, a gorgeous and so special baby shower, and a christmas date night with my husband. Sunday consisted of wrapping gifts, watching more christmas movies (The Holiday this weekend!), and baking cookies. 

oh, and friday was national ugly christmas sweater day and they had us dress for the occasion at work so I whipped out this pretty little gem.

here are a few snapshots, and a look at the piece we found to use as a makeshift pantry. 

we found these mercury glass trees at marshals and they are just perfect.  they match our vases from pottery barn with a mercury glass base and some candles we have throughout the living room. 
at $10 each, they were a steal.  I didn't know where to put them yet so here they awkwardly are with our Nest thing that I mess up on a daily basis when trying to change the temperature. 

the same place where we found our sideboard, Nadeau, is where we found my other favorite piece.
our kitchen has pretty great cabinet space, but there is no designated pantry and therefor no easy, useful space to put all of our food.
when we came across this piece I knew it would work perfectly.
I love the open space in the middle to decorate for the holidays or to have as a makeshift bar set up for other times of the year.
 I'd ultimately like to change the knobs out but haven't found anything just yet.
 there were two poinsettias,
but it took me no time to kill the other one.  shocker.

vase from pottery barn 
I kinda want to change out the hurricanes to this cute set up instead 

fireplace garland from HomeGoods, a Christmas dream-land with a parking lot that is holiday hell and I'm lucky we made it out alive. 

 prepping for some holiday cookies

 trying to finish up some christmas cards, and since I still haven't bought any twinkle lights for my vase I just put a ton of regular lights in it.  not quite the same effect, but what the hell.
 my husband thinks it's hideous.
  I think it's free so he should be real proud of me.
I mean they are totally as pretty as these.  Identical. 

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