Thursday, March 5, 2015

Coffee Talk

discuss amongst ya-selves…… 

the bachelor : the women tell all


for real though. seriously. I mean it.  enough. 
she "cried" the entire episode. (seriously here is a montage of her crying the whole episode)  80% of her crying involved no tears and a GREAT job at suddenly being able to turn it on and off.
in the beginning, sure, I saw a few tears.  I hardly think it was necessary to have a trembling lip and tears when all they did was play a recap of a few scenes, none of which were particularly interesting, sad, or dramatic.  I mean, for real, a trembling lip? 
then she turns to the crowd when they cheer for something and mouths "thank you"
COME ON. GET OVER YOURSELF. I've never seen someone need more attention, and there have been lots of attention loving crazies on that show. 
at commercial break, absolutely blank face with no tears and then when they announced chris was walking out her face went from stone cold to scrunched up "crying".  (you know I rewound it.) 
ok britt. enjoy your 5 minutes of fame. 
farmer chris walks out and britt starts to cry and have spastic ridiculous movements
WHY IS THE WHOLE SHOW ABOUT BRITT? why are we wasting precious moments of my life watching her hug him for 10 minutes in that HIDEOUS gold dress picked up at Charlotte Russe?? 

jillian… if you are pissed about the mean comments from the girls saying you are manly and act like a dude…. don't do this during the entire reunion : 

even the Kelsey part wasn't exciting…. she just walked up and talked and talked with her affected speech and Chris didn't even ask her a question.  the girls this season are just the worst. (aka the best). 
to cap things off, 
chris harrison is apparently now an author and plugs his book called The Perfect Letter
um. okay chris. sure.  

if they make Britt the next Bachelorette, I will lose it.
it they make Kaitlin the next Bachelorette, I will also be pissed (99% chance she'll get it and they announce it next week).
if they make Andi the Bachelorette for a SECOND time like rumors say, I'll be so annoyed.
WHY CAN'T THEY PICK NEW PEOPLE FOR BACHELOR AND BACHELORETTE LIKE THEY USED TO? Nice normal people who don't come from a town of 300 people but are hot, successful, funny, live in a normal city, and preferably rich.
Like when they had Andrew Firestone. Those were the days. He was so hot.  

Kelly osborne quit E!'s Fashion Police because of giuliana rancic's racist comments
 (or some reports say because she hasn't liked it since Joan passed…. either way….)
whilst i respect the bold move (no I don't), you are a complete dumb ass kelly.  
what are you going to do now?  you have HORRIBLE taste, clothes, hair, fashion and never should have been given a job in the first place.  
ummm where has karen 'ladies am I right' gif been all my life? 
prepare to see it everyday. 

you didn't even finish high school. HIGH SCHOOL.  SERIOUSLY.
 yep, hosting a fashion show critizing a-list celebs. 
what blackmail did the osbornes have on E! that they hired her to begin with?
(I know what you're wondering….. geez taylor how do you really feel?)

:: RHOBH :: 
(oh my gah to be read in jack mcfarland way) 
yolanda wants to use dinner as a time to open up and bond and share deep things.
shocker : fight ensues. 
how yolanda stays so calm at the restaurant is beyond me - I would be like ummmmm I fly you all to my country and this is how you act the first night out at dinner in public? geez louise. 
lisa is saying something serious about her older sister passing away, and takes the opportunity to once AGAIN apologize if she ever crossed a line, and Kim goes SO CRAZY ANGRY it is unbelievable. 
(video clip)  
anger like that, in a moment that was calm and APOLOGETIC, is insane.
"you shut your f*ing mouth you beast".
WOAH.  Look out Brandi, your new BFF is taking over.
and I'm sorry, kyle sprinting out the open door was the funniest thing I have ever seen.  
Brandi doesn't want Kim taking too much of her Bitch Glory so she makes sure to scream 
"DONT TOUCH ME" at Kyle when she touches her arm in calm conversation.
good god. please let the two of you run off together (off the show. please.) 

on my-boyfriend-andy-cohen's show that night,
 kyle said she and kim hadn't seen each other in 4 months until the reunion they just taped.
YIKES. its gonna be CAH-RAZY. 

Am I the only one that watched Newlyweds : Where are they now?
oh my gosh it is so worth watching. 
tarzan and crazy his wife are the same (if not worse) as ever.
her pregnancy reveal (see the video clip here) is just not to be believed.
and seriously the episode is worth watching for the 97 million things she does during it. there are too many to even comment on. 

:: vanderpump rules ::

stasis's face has been driving me crazy all season.
when I see her on WWHL and in half of the commentary she looks all plumped and awful, and other times she looks more normal.
I've determined that since wrapping the show, she got more stuff done, and thats why she looks normal half the time and then in her commentary half of it she looks 40. 
we'll see what she looks like at the reunion next week to see if I'm right….. she's got to be so embarrassed the whole season was her being nothing and no one giving a crap.  I don't know why they had her on when she played no role, but I always enjoyed her in past seasons when she actually served a purpose (i.e. being a bitch and yelling IT'S MY BIRTHDAY). 

I love Hilary Duff, I don't know if its the Lizzie McGuire thing still sticking around or what.  But I was sad to hear she had finally filed for divorce from Mike Comrie until all the reports about his drunken antics hitting on people.

:: Jackhole of the Week::
ME. for reading all of the RHOBH ladies blogs about this weeks episode.
im not even ashamed. they were great. 
also, I didn't re-read anything I wrote once, so it probably makes no sense :) 

I'm off to pre-order Chris Harrison's new book…….
ohhhh I jest. my gosh at least I draw the line somewhere and have the worlds tiniest amount of self respect to not do that.
also, remember this.
you're welcome.

as always, ignore my own blatant grammatical errors whilst I make fun of others poor grammar during coffee talk on a weekly basis.  
#hypocrite  #sorryimnotsorry
I write these posts late at night while simultaneously watching Bravo, taking snapchats of my snoring husband, and making to do lists of everything I was supposed to do and didn't do that day and likely won't do the next day either.  or the day after that.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

wishlist wednesday

lusts for the week……. 

I am saving my paychecks to blow them on the craps table gamble and win the big bucks in vegas in two short weeks.  
but there are still some things catching my eye, some of which I've had on the lust list since last year.
as you probably know, shopbop is having their Big Event sale (use code BIGEVENT15
so I've included some of my favorite under $100 finds from there.  

// tulip dress // 

// printed jumper // 

THE most perfect shirtdress for spring, at $100 price point. 
// floral shirtdress // 
also in a tank version 

take me to summertime. please. 
// maxi dress // 

at shopbop, the thin gold rings have been on my list of must haves for so long, 
and the set of small studs are too cute. 
these two scarves are gorgeous and the perfect transition for spring.
and I'm sorry, I just thought that Tory Burch Reva Flat keychain was the CUTEST damn thing I've ever seen.  I've had the same keychain since 2004….. mama needs an upgrade (in 3 colors too!) 
scarf // keychain // scarf 

am I the only one that just wants that key chain big time ? 
oh well….. i'm a dork and keychains apparently excite me. 

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

:: things to make you smile ::

random things for tuesday : 

bravo released the trailer for Real Housewives of New York
and DAMN GIRL it looks nuts. (if it isn't showing up see video here)

I can't waaaaaait. 

oprah seemingly running away from gaga (gif)

this video series cracks me up and it is SO TRUE (find more videos here)

this is so cute 

the women tell all last night was highly disappointing. 
it was as exciting as farmer chris and his hometown. 

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Monday, March 2, 2015

:: weekend recap ::

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend :) 
I was home meeting my best friends baby boy for the first time and spending time with my family and nephew.
It's so crazy to think my best friend of my whole life has A BABY! Her whole family and my whole family got together Friday night and it was so nice to spend the weekend with them. 
 He is just the sweetest thing ever. Such a little angel. 

My sister made some serious upgrades to their guest room and they are too cute not to share.
She had our framed wedding photo on the nightstand, new issues of magazines, bottled water, granola bars, and cookies in mason jars all nestled in the nightstand. 

I've been meaning to post about these leggings because I had been living in them.
I wore them every single day this weekend and one them so much.
They are Yummie (RHONYC heather's line…. I thought it was called yummy tummy but online it just says yummie) and have a higher waist to suck in and smooth out the stomach and they are so damn comfortable.  

I love them with my 5050 boots and a tunic top or oversized sweater.  
gingham top  // boots // leggings 
(I snagged the blue gingham top after I posted it of a wishlist wednesday and love it so much!! 
there are other sizes for gingham top available here if they don't have yours)

these jessica simpson boots are almost identical and are crazy inexpensive, under $100! 

we stopped by the ballard designs outlet over the weekend but didn't find anything to take with us.
I am determined to get a coffee table and rug for our living room this next week or two (we have our old coffee table in the basement living room and our old rug is way too big for the space).

There are a couple rugs I'm debating at the moment. 

in case you can't tell, yes, I am all over the place with what kind of rug. 

with 17 days until Vegas,
I am hoping to get serious with the healthy eating and working out this week.
this is the laziest I have been in years and the fit of my clothes is showing it!
time to get back on track! 

this week, I'll be following the Tone It Up weekly workout schedule and trying to reduce my carb cravings :) 
I'm also going to try to squeeze in at least ten minutes of abs a night,
these 8 minute ab videos are straight out of the 80s, but easy and effective. 
and a good laugh staring at the workout clothes. 

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

I'm sorry. I can't. Don't Hate Me.

I'm sorry.  I can't.  Don't Hate Me. 

if you read the title of this post and immediately recognized it as the 
Post It Note break up on Sex and The City, I love you.   

I'm way off my blogging-A-game this week.
 I have all of my chicken scratch notes ready to transform into coffee talk, 
I'm sorry and I can't and don't hate me.
a friend was in town last minute for work (so I HAD to go out last night for DRINKS. HAD TO.) and now I am feeling like a 45 year old that thought she could have a couple of glasses and not feel the affects the next day while I try to pack for a trip home to see my family, nephew, and meet my best friends new one month old addition (EEEEE!!!!!!) straight from work tomorrow night.
basically. I chose sweatpants and passing out tonight and wine with girlfriends last night.
to be honest, I'm shocked I chose my girlfriendsover my sweatpants last night. 

the great news is there is a winter storm in the south right when I was really in dire need of some warmth and outdoor time.
the even sadder, more amazing news is that their bitter cold will still feel like springtime to me.

follow along on instagram for likely pictures of me munching babies this weekend and me wondering when I stopped being afraid of babies and instead wanted to eat them up. 
or pictures displaying my love of mcdonald's airport food. 
i'll be counting the seconds until work ends, won't even be annoyed by the nasty people jammed on the train en route to the airport, and don't even mind a flight that lands at midnight………
 as long as I can get my hands on some McD's before hopping on the plane. preach. 

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